PolyPwn HQ RAGE Screenshots: Part II

Here are some more High Quality screenshots for you all to salivate over! Like last time, all shots are presented in glorious 1080P. Enjoy!

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Bolts2386d ago

LMAO!! These "glorious" 1080p screenshot illustrate perfectly the Jackal and Hyde nature of iD's Tech 5 engine, and how completely unavoidable the low res textures really are.

Epic fail, Carmack. Epic fail.

Cody642385d ago

Yeah, like me and my friend were discussing; RAGE looks both amazing and horrible at the same time. IMHO, the world they crafted is amazingly detailed. The problem is that the the textures are very low resolution, especially the ones on world objects.

That said, the more I've played the game, the more and more I've become wowed by the game's graphics. In fact, after playing a few other PC games, I've become to see how iD Tech 5 is superior to most other current engines. One example is the BF3 Beta. Now, I know it's a beta and the full game might look better (especially the single player campaign); but once you get past the nearly blinding levels of bloom, the environmental textures are weak in comparison to RAGE's. Even the world object textures, though maybe slightly higher resolution than what we see in RAGE, are still horribly low res and look terrible up close.

I think a big part of the problem (and especially for me) is that we were promised that this would be the most amazingly beautiful game to ever grace our PC's. The second we began seeing the low resolution textures, all of our insanely high expectations were shattered and now we're all exaggerating how "bad" the game looks.