Uncharted 3 Won't Be As Good As Two, Say What!?

Dual Pixels - Wait, first of all, you guys are crazy, second, who gave you the right to automatically assume that Naughty Dog can't surpass their own creation. In fact, you haven't seen anything yet; nothing at all.

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Peaceful_Jelly2540d ago

I haven't even seen a single person saying that ND can't surpass UC2 with UC3 in fact quite the contrary.

StanLee2540d ago

I saw some gameplay vids of a desert level over at Gametrailers, all I can say is, holyshitgoodGodalmighty. I almost licked my screen. UC3 sets a new bar for console games. Period!

jriquelme_paraguay2540d ago

true... but i think if they dont make UC4 for this gen...

or leave UC3 has a Trilogy...

an UC4 maybe maaaaybe can't surpass UC3, because the standars will be too high

WhiteLightning2540d ago

Uncharted 4 wont be out untill the PS4. It's pretty obvious since ND seem like they want to do Jak 4 or maybe even Crash Bandicoot if they can get the rights off Activision.

I mean if they can push the graphics this far on the PS3, I wonder what they can do on the PS4.

JoGam2540d ago

I almost licked my screen...LOL Funny!

Highlife2540d ago (Edited 2540d ago )

ND has stated that they are a one IP per generation studio. Crash ps1, *Jak and Daxter PS2, Uncharted PS3.

I can see ND going for a new IP for PS4.

Edit *

jriquelme_paraguay2540d ago (Edited 2540d ago )

obviusly my poor english dont help me what i try to say


I dont want an UC4 for this Gen aka PS3...

I think they must just leave UC as a trilogy on PS3.

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Rynx2540d ago

I went into the future guys. Uncharted 3 was soooo good that they genetically enhanced a human to bring Drake to real life.

Thatguy-3102540d ago (Edited 2540d ago )

Idk uncharted 2 had its fare share of moments and the Introduction of new characters made it a good game..but IMO the story felt short when compared to uncharted 1...didn't really like the supernatural approach they took on among thieves...hopefully they don't.get out of hand if they decided to bring it on Drake's deception...and from what they've shown so far I can say that UNCHARTED 3 will easily top its past installments. Like stanlee said the desert village gameplay is amazing !!! The new melee system kicks so much ass!!!! And I can.see why people can think that UC3 won't top among thieves...many may ask if its possible since among thieves was nearly perfect to some. Better or not it will still be an enjoyable experience that will have you on the edge of your seat. CAN'T WAIT !!!!

fei-hung2540d ago


dude, u do realise that part 1 had a supernatural approach too!

You do realise that uncharted 3 is more or less guarenteed to have a supernatural approach as the story is based on a city mentioned in the Quran and this city was ment to have men who were 20ft tall or something. Islam also believes in something called the Djin. Djins are more or less the same as what the Christians call the Devils (not to be mistaken for Satan). Any one of these supernatural elements can make it into the game.

In fact, if you follow the Uncharted series, you will know there is a formula to the game's story:

1) Learn of a new treasure
2) Half way through you are introduced to the supernatural
3) You get so close to the treasure u can taste it in the air.
4) You find out the treasure is not a treasure but a curse.

JaredH2540d ago

Even if it looks great you can't tell if it's good or not until you play it. I used to hype up games so much that I became disappointed with them and honestly that might happen to some people on this site. I was disappointed with Resistance 2, Fallout New Vegas, LA Noire and a bunch of other games for them not living up to my high expectations. Maybe Uncharted 3 can live up to people's expectations who watch all the gameplay videos but I try to watch the least amount of trailers now and go into games almost blind.

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Sharingan_no_Kakashi2540d ago (Edited 2540d ago )

True. Sequels have a bad reputation in media. They are rarely better than the original. But ND did it once, so maybe they can do it again.

Edit: As long as no one bases it on they hype that is.

Jestrella242540d ago

yeah Uncharted 3 is definatly gonna top 2. i believe in ND

CoReI5K2540d ago

Well there were some who were saying:

Gears 3 Won't Be As Good As Two, Say What!?........Exactly :)

HeavenlySnipes2540d ago

get why you enter ever UC article and talk about Gears as if anyone gives a flying f***

This is about the sequel to the most award winning TPS on the market. Not Gears 2 or 3

Virus2012540d ago

Ohh come on. People do it all the time in Gears of War articles. I don't need to be specific because you can go into any Gears article in N4G and see a comment about Uncharted (8 or 9 times out of 10).... Anyways I'm sure UC3 will be better than UC2. I love the universe that Naughty Dog has created and I know they will continue to please their fans and produce great games.

cooperdnizzle2540d ago

Who said that?? Because gears of war two was disliked by a lot of people and the single player was really boring and a lot of people thought that... And they did nothing great in gears of war two at all. There was nothing in that game that was like o shit. So to say that they couldn't do better with gears of war three would have been a huge dis on them. Cause like i said the game just wasn't that good to begin with.

On topic. They will do better, but i could see why people think that it might not happen. Being as it is one of the best single player experiences you can have. The hole game kept you on the edge of you're seat. I have faith that this one will be far better, and will win game of the year once again.

vickers5002540d ago

"There was nothing in that game that was like o shit. So to say that they couldn't do better with gears of war three would have been a huge dis on them. Cause like i said the game just wasn't that good to begin with."

Yeah, that's exactly how Uncharted 1 was, but it didn't make Uncharted 2 any less amazing, just as it doesn't make Gears of War 3 any less amazing as well.

cooperdnizzle2540d ago

Vicker500, What the hell are you trying to say?? I never said anything about gears three. And what you are saying makes no sense. Uncharted 1 was amazing. And even if it were not as good as you're implying how would that make part to any worse. I don't know you're hole comment just makes no sense at all.

vickers5002540d ago (Edited 2540d ago )

"I never said anything about gears three"

Let me point out your previous comment to you, it's understandable you would have forgotten what you said in one whole hour:

"So to say that they couldn't do better with **gears of war three** would have been a huge dis on them. Cause like i said the game just wasn't that good to begin with."

Starting to come back to you now?

Anyways you were pretty much saying that Gears of War 3 was so unimpressive, that it had nowhere to go but up. That it had nothing great about it.

I'm saying it's the same case with Uncharted, because it is. There was nothing about Uncharted that really made people go "o shit", yet that didn't stop Uncharted 2 from being amazing.

"And even if it were not as good as you're implying how would that make part to any worse."

I didn't say it was worse at all, I simply said that just because Uncharted was nothing special and was unimpressive and had nowhere to go but up (like you said was the case with Gears 2), that doesn't mean Uncharted 2 was any less spectacular just because the original was nothing great, just as Gears 3 isn't any less amazing because Gears 2 was nothing great either.

It makes perfect sense if you read my comment.

Gears 2 wasn't great, so it would be an "insult"(as you put it) if Gears 3 wasn't better than the last

just as Uncharted 1 wasn't great, so it would be an insult if Uncharted 2 wasn't better than the first as well.

It's simple really.

WhiteLightning2540d ago


The differenc between Gears 3 and Uncharted 3 is that Uncharted won't need to kill of a loved character just to have an emotional scene making it seem like they just threw it in there...even though Gears was never about emotions and drama.

Silly gameAr2540d ago (Edited 2540d ago )

No, everyone was sure Gears 3 was going to be better than 2. I'm really not sure why people wouldn't have the same faith in Uncharted 3. Why don't you tell us coRe?

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