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OXCGN’s 10 Sadly Overlooked Games This Gen


"So the big release season is just beginning, and those of you with deep wallets are rushing around pre-ordering every top game before each emerges onto store shelves.

"But what about those who can only afford maybe one or two new releases, or maybe none at all yet? There’s a global economic slowdown on after all.

"Well at OXCGN we’ve decided to put ourselves in the game Animus and go back in time to discover what titles we enjoyed this gen that you should be able to get for cheap (and still play the multiplayer without a code!).

"They may not be as gorgeous or polished as the newbies coming out, and some of their developers have unfortunately gone the way of the dodo, but they still offered some of us great entertainment and we think didn’t get the attention they deserved." (50 Cent: Blood on the Sand, Beautiful Katamari, Metro 2033, PC, PS3, The First Templar, The Outfit, The Saboteur, Xbox 360)

gaminoz  +   1029d ago
I still haven't tried metro, but civ was awesome!
Proeliator  +   1029d ago
I think I'm one of the eight people who played The Outfit, and it's still one of my favorites.
BadCircuit  +   1029d ago
Yeah that game was excellent. I'd love to find it again, but it's hard to now.

I should check ebay.

Also The First Templar I think I saw in 1 store!
KaBaW  +   1028d ago
@Proeliator -
The Outfit was the first game I picked up, when I purchased my x360.
It was a great game; fun, and at the time, it looked excellent.

It's still one of the earlier games, that I have to this day.
MariaHelFutura  +   1029d ago
Ico and SOTC, again. Sadly.
Belgavion  +   1029d ago
Oh yeah forgot about The Outfit!
antiAntag0nist  +   1028d ago
The Outfit was pretty good, one of the first games I got for my 360 back in 2007.
Eske  +   1029d ago
Sadly overlooked games? I'd say EVE, probably. Been steadily improving for years now, but its still niche.
EVO-OM3GA  +   1029d ago
Thank you OXM I see a few games I missed for my 360 which I will now be getting
gaminoz  +   1028d ago
you mean OXCGN. Oxygen..Yeah I know: IGN, OXM, OXCGN, PALGN, MMGN etc. etc. It's confusing.
Quagmire  +   1029d ago
Damn there are so many overlooked games this gen, I can name so many. I love titles which dont get alot of publicity.

Metro 2033, Spit/Second, Darksiders, Red Faction: Guerilla, Heavenly Sword, Enslaved, Brutal Legend, Wolfenstein, Singularity, Turok (the only game featuring Dinosaurs this gen).

And of course Armada of the Damned which was unfortunately cancelled a couple months before release.
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Baka-akaB  +   1029d ago
Good list . Still i wont agree with the following : Enslaved , Wolfenstein (sorry but it was one of the worst game of the wolf saga) , Turok (again the worst turok game so far) .

I'd however add to your list : Vanquish , Bayonetta , Shadow of the damned , no more heroes , Alice Madness , The darkness
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ShaunCameron  +   1028d ago
Bayonetta: best use of the XB360 button system of any non-shooter game. Agreed.
Laxman216  +   1029d ago
Good god some of these games are genuinly terrible... Last Templar? Ugh!

Enslaved is one of the most criminally overlooked games this gen.
Baka-akaB  +   1029d ago
Some of those games are indeed just mediocre . no such thing imo as "overlooking" an average or medicore game .

Again can't say i agree with enslaved . it was hyped and raved about like crazy by press . It just didnt impressthat many people imo and was released at a poor time .

On the other hand you've a game like Alice Madness every bit as rich in artstyle and narrative , prettier even , with less flaws in its gameplay than the above mentioned game , yet now criminally shunned or ignored by even the press .
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Laxman216  +   1029d ago
Yeah a lot of great games get overlooked because of thier release date. Yet still we always suffer from a massive lack of quality titles for a few months in the middle of most years.
r21  +   1028d ago
coincidentally, The Saboteur is one of the games i am playing :D
its an awesome game that i can only describe as GTA meet CoD:WaW.
KonGreat  +   1028d ago
The outfit! Oh man, I wish I picked it up when it was 5 bucks new. Now it's probably reallly hard to get. Remember playing the demo and had a blast with it. Can't remember why I didn't get it though.
Raoh  +   1028d ago
Added The Outfit and The First Templar to my gamefly queue.

Metro 2033 I played on the PC, great game, great graphics, great pacing. I know a lot of 360 gamers passed on this title cause it was a single player game only but I'd say it was one of the better games to have come out on the 360, I urge anyone on pc and 360 to play this game.

The bright side of things when playing a game long after its been released is that you get to enjoy a game without all the negative and/or positive hype, at this point its just a game and you wont have any opinion until your half way through or finished playing the game.

Outside of those must have titles (uncharted 3) i'm holding off on just about every new release until I can catch up with my current back log of games and while i go back and play games i missed like the ones mentioned in this article.

Good post, nice to see a focus on games and not just console bashing.

The biggest problem with going back to play older games is the PC, people think the pc has no games but the PC actually has such a huge library of its own exclusives that you almost wish your job was to play games cause there is no way to catch up to them all.
sonicsidewinder  +   1028d ago
Got beautiful katamari on steam but never tried it before.
InTheLab  +   1028d ago
People overlooked Enslaved because the game launched when a slightly....slightly better game launched. It's well worth the $20 it is now, but $60 was too much for a 6 to 8 hour game on hard. It had a fantastic story minus the bizarre ending, and decent enough gameplay. The game also suffered thanks to it's own dev shooting itself in the foot and alienating the same PS3 fans that made their first title their most successful title to date.

Blood in the Sand was just plain old fun. It's a shameful Gears clone that understands that, so seriousness went out the window.

I'm currently playing through Metro and the game is absolutely beautiful maxed out on PC. It's just not very fun. The gunplay feels off and you never quite give a s*** what's going on, why these hippies in the basement need to be shot, and why monsters want to chew your face off. I'm sure a plots in there somewhere...but meh.

Missing from the list...

Uncharted: Drakes Fortune, is one of the best games this gen. The only real issue was how much better Uncharted: Among Thieves is. UC:DF is better than 90% of the games I've played this year and looks better than all but 5...

inFamous 2- It's bizarre how few people bought this game. Bizarre. It's the second best superhero game ever made right after Batman AA..

Alan Wake- Gears sells 3 million in a week and Alan Wake sell less than a million in it's lifetime. WTF is wrong with people?

Medal of Honor- The single player was dumbed down a bit to mirror current trendy games, so lean is out and for some reason, Danger close removed upgrading weapons...but despite that, the single player is fantastic...especially the Deuce and Dusty sections. The multiplayer is a broken mess and about what I expect from Dice. The worst part was going from Unreal Engine to the old Frostbite engine. It felt like two different games.
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Proeliator  +   1028d ago
Uncharted wasn't an overlooked title at all! It may not have sold ten million copies, but it's still very popular and mainstream.

The article said a part 2 is coming though, so who knows?
ShaunCameron  +   1028d ago
Umm. The list is an XBox 360 list. Of course Uncharted is missing. It's a PS3 exclusive. Ditto for Infamous 2.

Anyways, good call on 50 Cent: Blood On The Sand. For a blatant Gears Of War-clone, the game carried itself pretty admirably.

I would like to nominate Alice: Madness Returns to the list. Great art style, solid level-designing and competent platforming. It was one of three games I actually completed ever. Not just beat. The other two were New Super Mario Bros. Wii and Rango which for a movie tie-in was a rather decent game.
gaminoz  +   1028d ago
I thought I saw a 3DS title and some were multi plat?
KaBaW  +   1028d ago
I loved 'The Outfit,' 'Banjo Kazooie,' and 'Civilization: Revolution,' great games.
I still play Civ: Revolution to this day. On that list, though, I need to pick up Saboteur.

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