Tekken Hybrid Extreme Edition with Arcade Fightstick: Tournament Edition (S) | Esperino

Arcade fanatics, get your wallets out! Namco Bandai have announced the extremely rare Tekken Hybrid Extreme Edition for the PlayStation 3. Limited to 1000 pieces, the Tekken Hybrid Extreme Edition not only includes the Tekken Hybrid Limited Edition, but also comes with a highly collectible all black Namco Bandai Arcade Fightstick: Tournament Edition (S) model. The arcade fightstick is created by Mad Catz and each stick is individually numbered on the underside.

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Dart892391d ago

God damn it i wanted to buy it:(.

pucpop2391d ago

Nice. Wouldnt wanna fall on that, bottom first. Ouch. Button bash delights.

xX-StolenSoul-Xx2391d ago

Hopefully i get this by the time Tekken Tag 2 releases

Baka-akaB2391d ago

with the 1000 limit it will be sold out by the time the tekken hybrid even get released

CrescentFang2391d ago

$249.99 if anyone was wondering...

tarbis2391d ago

No love for other regions... BOOO!!!

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