Nintendo replaces DS Lite, asks no questions

What's that line from Batman Begins, something like "theatricality and deception are powerful agents" or something? Well, Consumerist reader Mike might not have been deceptive, but he certainly didn't do anything to stop the Nintendo rep from sending him a brand new DS Lite to replace his existing one that was rendered inoperable due to negligence.

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ReBurn4043d ago

That's good for him I guess. I had to fight them to get them to replace mine when it broke from a well-known and publicized hinge fault. Once they agreed, though, it was smooth sailing.

Sovannah Phum4042d ago

isn't it obvious? they want you to continue buying games, they already sold the hardware at a profit as well. how would they continue to make money if people with broke consoles stop buying games?

this is a valid lesson for other companies that hope to someday turn a profit. of course this would only work for nintendo since their consoles are sold for more than what they are worth.

squirrelly894042d ago

I have been an avid user of Nintendo products for over 22 years. I have never experienced a malfunction or breakage of any kind from them. I do have enough faith in their company to know that they support the gamer and want to keep you playing.

Hello SONY, uh...too much dust...danger to your technician's health..."awkward silence"...exactly.

We just want to keep gaming, that's all. So fix/replace your hardware when necessary.

Shaka2K64042d ago

With kiddie games, any guy over 14 playing that thing needs to try suicide before going outsite Hahahahaha!

BloodySinner4042d ago

Maybe you should just commit suicide yourself.

INehalemEXI4042d ago (Edited 4042d ago )

@ rockerfan28, I remember my NES always had a problem where I had to blow on the cartridges to get em to work other then that every product worked fine for me as well.

Sonys consoles I have never had a problem with. 360....well I'm not going to state the obvious.

squirrelly894042d ago

Yeah those pin connectors were the only bad thing about the NES. I will never own another Xbox related item, unless I get it cheap and resell on Ebay for profit.

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