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GameShark writes "It's easy to see what id Software is trying to do in Rage. Here is the laconic -- well, in this case, utterly mute -- hero of the wasteland and his trusty automobile. It's an ancient myth nearly as old as Star Wars (Mad Max came out two years later). But it hasn't been done justice in videogames."

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Chuk52506d ago

Always gameshark low-balling the crap out of games. Rage is no way near a D+, just like how they gave gears 3 a c+. Like what? Their reviews often scream nothing but hit-grabbing.

aviator1892506d ago

I agree. I respect reviews, but this has happened twice with this same website. I'm playing RAGE right now, and it doesn't deserve a D+ at all. Same goes for gears, which they a C+ to. They just want hits, I'm sure.

SilentNegotiator2506d ago (Edited 2506d ago )

This review makes great points. You can't just go around accusing every site that doesn't give a 9+ to highly hyped/marketed games of "hit-grabbing" or "bias"

A bunch of under-developed ideas poorly strung together in a pretty shell. This review nails it. But they don't hand out 9+ scores like candy, so....ZOMG They're tryin to get hitz!!

crimsonfox2506d ago

The only thing that i think of when i hear game shark is cheat codes. screw these guys

callahan092506d ago

I love the GIGANTIC ad for the game that pops up just before pointing you towards their D+ review of it. Wow.

kcuthbertson2506d ago

I have been hating on Rage since I bought it...mostly due to technical issues on the PC..but this game is quite good besides the technical issues.

Nowhere near a D+

Troll site is troll.

Reaper99372506d ago

Glad to see some reviewers can't be bought, Rage is mediocre, thank you GameShark for having the balls to point that simple fact out.

I'm a big fan of ID, but i will not praise a crappy game just because they made some gems in the past, shit is shit no matter if it comes from a camel's or king's arse.

joab7772506d ago

It is a graphical powerhouse for consoles. The textures are gorgeous. It also breaks up the boredom of a linear fps. There is much to do to keeping occupied and the AI animations are amazing. I love the upgrades and the vehicle play isn't beats hitting a button to return somewhere. The story isn't as great as i had hoped and there are a few issues but overall it is definitely a move in the right direction and it has improved on many recently stagnant aspects of the fps genre. It is an 8.75 -9 for sure and i am glad i have it.

I wont go to this website, which is obviously pandering for hits.

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