WWE ’12 Roster Update | Demolition is BACK!

While the team at THQ are getting ready to reveal the new features for the Road to Wrestlemania and WWE Universe 2.0 in the upcoming reboot, WWE ’12, we’ll be giving you the latest updates for the roster.

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Criminal2479d ago

I remember Demolition from back in the day. They were the greatest tag team in the 80s.

Octo12479d ago

About damn time. 80's wrestling and early 90 to late 90's wrestling was great. Actual colorful characters all around. Not like todays "wrestling" where to me the WWE is catering more to the females with their Chip N Dale line up of "wrestlers".

iXenon2479d ago

It's actually catering more to the children.

WWE '12 will also feature WCW Legends, so that's awesome too.

Magnus2479d ago

I hope the Bushwhackers make it into the game glad Demolition are in it I use to whatch them on the tv all the time.