Apology from CCP For Ignoring EvE Online Fans

Icelandic CCP CEO Hilmar Veigar Pétursson has written a detailed apology to EvE Online fans for ‘estrangement’ of the community in recent patches and activities. He takes full responsibility, which lets be honest is a bold new step for the gaming industry, and promises to listen to players concerns for basic gameplay improvement going forward.

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ATi_Elite2541d ago

Yep CCP is messing up and they are ticking off their bread n butter fanbase!!

Eve Online has paid for Dust514 and World of Darkness but CCP has made too many stupid changes to Eve! They need to just give the gamers what they want cause Eve is way too difficult and time consuming for most gamers to jump in to it!!

The 35K or so monthly gamers are as good as it's gonna get......Until CCP make Dust 514 for PC gamers!!

If anything lower the learning curve to help Newbies!!