Halo Anniversary dev: Our tech won over Microsoft

CVG writes: Speaking to CVG, CEO Matthew Karch said his studio realises how important the Halo project is to fans and claims the Saber team has gone "all in" on making the game a success.

"It was definitely our technology and the solution we came up with [that persuaded Microsoft]," he said. "One of the things Microsoft said is they needed the gameplay to be exact. Halo fans are extremely exacting and the gameplay couldn't be changed.

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Dan502544d ago

WOW you mean your 2011 technology is better than 2001's technology NO WAY!!!

badz1492544d ago

it's HALO! if they suggest to remake let say...any other games that doesn't have the selling power as HALO, like hell MS will ever agree to fund it!

palaeomerus2543d ago

The article doesn't say that Saber's Tech somehow defeated Microsoft's tech in some kind of competition. It says that their tech, specifically their overlay/wrapper engine idea was good enough to impress Microsoft and so the game was fully funded.

"Won over Microsoft" means that it convinced Microsoft that this was the best option to remake Halo: CE with both nicer graphics and accuracy.