Kingdoms of Amalur’s world “comparable in size” to Oblivion’s

GamesRadar reports: "We recently sat down with Craig Krstolic, Associate Producer on Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning, and took a guided tour through the fantastical world of Amalur. While watching him explore the seemingly massive open environments we asked about its actual size, and though he didn’t have the exact square footage for us (though he said he would look into it), he did offer a comparison that gives us a pretty good idea of how much land there will be to explore."

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Bigpappy2543d ago

Can't wait. I have already waited over 2 years for them to release an RPG. This game will be in the same vain as Skyrim, as far as being a high production and detailed open-world RPG. But, the focus on combat will be much higher.

Xof2543d ago

Art design looks a bit iffy, as do the game mechanics, but it's got enough big names attached for me to be excited about it.

aPerson2543d ago

Exactly how does the art design look iffy?????

Quagmire2543d ago

Iffy? You dare doubt the artistic prowess of one Todd McFarlane, creator of the Spawn comic book series?!

ATi_Elite2543d ago

Actually i'm gonna pick up KOA before I get Skyrim. Yeh i know Skyrim comes out first but i won't have time for Skyrim plus i really want KOA to be my next RPG!

dirtmaster2543d ago

I Love the artwork of this game, unfortunately it doesnt seem very impressive in terms of exploration since you can't climb or swim/dive anywhere like in the TES or new FO series. It will probably be a decent game on pair with the new Witcher (seems to share the same game mechanics, a little static compared to TES).