Was Super Mario Bros the Film Really That Bad?

We get Andy and Rory to sit down and watch the Super Mario Bros. movie and see if it's a good example of a game to movie conversion.

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Binkythebomb2510d ago

I gotta say that as a video game adaptation it sucked the proverbial testicles but as a film to watch and laugh with/at, it was chuckle worthy.

We shall never see its like again, for good reason.

firefoxprime2509d ago

I took it for what it was. I enjoyed it. Definetly alot more than that monstrostity "The Last Airbender"...*snarls" ;

One unfortunate side is the production for the film as dev hell x100,000,000

From change in script, to overbudgeting...a total complete mess. The main actor(blast I forget his name:Who Framed Rojer Rabbit dude) held an interview a couple of months ago about the film. A good read.

Magnus2510d ago

They should barry the movie in the New Mexico desert with the old ET Atari game

zerocrossing2510d ago

I liked it as a kid but I can see how awful it is a as a game to movie adaption now, still good for a laugh right? :D

tiffac0082510d ago (Edited 2510d ago )

Yeah same here, I enjoyed it when I was a kid. Now that I'm a grown up, my mission is to have my younger siblings watch it and be horrified on how bad it is. lol! XD

Then again they will probably enjoy like I did when I was their age. ^_^

zerocrossing2510d ago

Good idea xD I wonder what the kids of today would think of it.

Lol! yeah most likely ^^

CrimsonEngage2510d ago

As a video game adaptation it wasn't that good. But as far as movies go it was enjoyable. Second, I was a kid when I went to see this so I didn't care.

Watching it in 2011 I have to say that It's still an awesome movie. I look at it like this, if you are going to watch it, just picture it as non-cannon with the games. :)

ZombieAssassin2510d ago

Like others have said its a terrible video game to film adaption (really though they didnt really have a story to work with) but its still an amusing movie.

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The story is too old to be commented.