Sony Plans to Buy Out Ericsson, Have Full Control of Their Mobile Business

A joint venture established in 2001 by Japanese technology giant Sony and Swedish telecommunications company Ericsson to manufacture mobile phones, Sony Ericsson has always had a rather troubled life. While the company has managed to create a few great phones, especially in the camera department, most Sony Ericsson products have failed to have a serious impact on the mobile market. That may be all set to change, as recent reports suggest that Sony are preparing to take full control of the mobile phone company.

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dangert122328d ago

Oh I was wondering why It was SONY Erickson on the phones and nothing else lol

darthv722328d ago

was the sony ericcson walkman slider. That thing was nice. Built in radio and i could watch movies and listen to music thanks to the media go app. I have used motorola and samsung and lg and nokia and blackberry but the walkman slider was my favorite.

NewMonday2327d ago

According to the original WSJ article , Sony will only buy Ericsson's share of the SE joint mobile-phone ventur, not the all of Ericsson itself.

sikbeta2328d ago

I think is a great idea, they can finally combine their mobile products with the PlayStation brand to create something better, mixing their Xperia Smartphones with the PlayStation Vita would make the coolest piece of tech ever! :D

silvacrest2328d ago

" mixing their Xperia Smartphones with the PlayStation Vita would make the coolest piece of tech ever! :D"


hell, i would settle for PSP1 + phone hybrid

Spinal2327d ago

Fuckin ageee dude. Id be so happy to see a true psp phone :) love my xperia play but i want psp powa!

Persistantthug2328d ago (Edited 2328d ago )

Sony really needs to ramp up their offerings if they wanna get serious.

A phone built into the Vita would be a good start.

doctorstrange2328d ago

That they do it. They need clear leadership to respond quickly to technology shifts.

decimalator2328d ago

Especially with an asian company trying to collaborate with a European company. Not that it's not possible, there are just some extra barriers there for success. Bringing it all under the Sony umbrella sounds like a sound move. I'm surprised it took them this long to figure that out.

sikbeta2328d ago (Edited 2328d ago )

Ericsson is a big telecommunication company, they sell parts to other manufacturers while keeping this joint that helps them to maintain their brand in the mobile telcommunication market, it's like a win/win situation for Ericsson alone, I hope this news is true, so Sony can make and add more stuff to their products to make better things...

Trexman892328d ago

Especially if they want it to be a strong gaming platform as well as a good phone

kneon2328d ago (Edited 2328d ago )

That right there is one of the problems they have had, they need both Ericsson and Sony to sign off on all kinds of things which just slows everything down.

SEMC have made a lot of great phones but for whatever reason just couldn't keep up consistent sales. I have a 3 year old c905 that is still the best camera phone I've ever used, and I have dozens of phones.

Peaceful_Jelly2328d ago ShowReplies(1)
Sev2328d ago

Whoa. Smart move, Sony!

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The story is too old to be commented.