Super Mario 3D Land makes me feel 7-years-old again (GameXplain) writes, "Super Mario 3D Land makes me feel like I’m seven-years-old again and I love it. While Mario’s past adventures in 3D and even the one on the DS have encompassed the classic nostalgic Nintendo feeling -- the kind that leaves you all warm and fuzzy inside -- they haven’t left me with quite the same feeling I received the first time I saw that fat Italian plumber waddle his way into my heart... until now. "

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eagle212239d ago

At least you can now say.. "hey, it releases next month". Not too bad. :)

bearsfaan2239d ago

OMG I am so excited for this game!!!

andresegers2239d ago

You will be mine. Oh yes, you will be mine.

newsguy2239d ago

can't wait for this game!