Battlefield 3 On Steam? 'Really Nothing to Report,' says EA

While EA and Valve insist that their relationship remains rather strong, the news that BF3 would be making it to Steam remains aloof. As reported yesterday, news broke that the highly anticipated title would in fact be heading to the digital distribution service, and that a deal was just barely close to being signed.

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donniebaseball2506d ago

Would be smart for both EA and Valve to come to an agreement.

MAJ0R2506d ago

it would be very smart, EA thinks people will flock to their new service but they are desperately mistaken. after the underwhelming beta they should tread carefully

limewax2506d ago (Edited 2506d ago )

Well I wont be buying unless it comes to steam, I really want the game but I do NOT want Origin. Even if I buy it on disc I am stuck with origin. So yeah a steam copy would be a good idea, I know at least 1 other person who won't be buying for the same reason

I guess EA didn't realise most PC gamers don't tend to like having piles upon piles of apps

Shackdaddy8362506d ago (Edited 2506d ago )

I already have too much crap on my computer (mostly school related apps) to download Origin.

I will never dwnld Origin...

BattleAxe2506d ago

Hopefully they bring back Crysis 2 to Steam also. i was going to buy it before Valve took it down.

JonahNL2506d ago (Edited 2506d ago )

I don't mind that EA wants to compete with Steam through the use of Origin for Battlefield 3, but the platform is still too young and lacking tons of basic features.

What I do like about Origin is the fact that it allows DICE to patch Battlefield 3 much quicker than Battlefield: Bad Company 2, because they don't have to verify their patch for several platforms, like Steam, which in total can take up quite a lot of time.

The only solution I can think of is the following:
1. Add Origin to Steam as a non-Steam game.
2. Rename it to "Battlefield 3".
3. Change the icon to Battlefield 3's.
4. Start it through Steam, which will launch Origin.
5. Open Battlelog and start playing.
6. Enjoy your Steam community in-game.

Pandamobile2506d ago

You can add origin to steam as a non steam game. From there you can launch bf3 with the steam overlay if you have the origin overlay disabled

Messatsu2902506d ago

That solution does nothing at all, you still have to use origin. People don't want to use origin or even have to sign up for that garbage.

Kran2506d ago

The clock is ticking.

Id buy if it was on Steam.

dougr2506d ago

I'm with you. I'm not the type of person that doesn't buy something out of principle or for petty things; if I'm interested in the game I'll buy it. I want Battlefield 3, but I also don't want my computer games to span 8 different services. I'll go without until it comes to steam. If it doesn't come to steam within a month I'll just buy it for ps3 only.

Bdxxacjkfs2506d ago

Steam or nothing. Very simple....