Real Racing 2 gets four-player AirPlay streaming

Firemint, the developer of Real Racing 2, already added functionality to the game to allow iPad-to-Apple TV streaming play. The company announced that they’ll be taking it a step further, by adding the capability to allow for up to four players to stream to an HDTV using AirPlay.

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thephillup2504d ago

These sort of advancements will really help iOS devices begin to slowly crawl towards consoles. It will be interesting what other additions can be made.

Rod2504d ago

That's the first thing that came to mind when I saw this.

Rod2504d ago

Imagine the cost of getting something like this running? Four iDevices and Apple TV? Very costly for split-screen play. I guess if you know a bunch of people with iPhones then it's okay.

ashbc2504d ago

The more I see things like this the more I think the Wii U may not even get off the ground.