Dark Souls Stolen in Transit, UPS Saves the Day

The Founder and Publisher of GoozerNation had his review copy of Dark Souls stolen in transit. This is his story.

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did they really save the day or make a problem and then did their job?

solidsnake2222542d ago

In their defense, they did resolve the problem. And hey, for the response, "If it weren't for them, it wouldn't have been stolen." I reply with "If it wasn't for them, it wouldn't arrive."

This is a terrible situation to be in, but at least the biggest part of the problem is being resolved easily and quickly.

puffkix2542d ago

Well, one employee did make the problem but the resultant conversation with and solution provided by customer service was more than their job requires.

That's the thing about dealing with customer service: good customer service makes bad things seem not so bad (on a personal level) while bad customer service can taint the image of a whole company (I'm looking at you RRoD MS support).

egidem2541d ago

"Dark Souls Stolen in Transit, UPS Saves the Day"

My thoughts (and probably everyone else's) were that the copy was stolen and UPS managed to track down and catch the culprit...looks like they don't really "save the day" if all they do is just give him another copy. :S

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Virus2012542d ago

Lol. One time I ordered a silver Ps3 controller and set it for Saturday delivery (I have Amazon Prime for college students). I was angry because not only did they leave my package in my neighbors front door, they gave me the wrong package (Some old people medication).

pixelsword2541d ago

I was about to joke that if you sold the medicine, you'd have enough money for the controller and more; but that's just sloppy service. The elderly couple probably appreciated and needed the medication as well.

You actually deserve some credit for not turning a bad situation to worse.


vickers5002541d ago

Just yesterday when RAGE came in, the cardboard sleeve that the anarchy version came with was ripped and torn in several places, like it was handled by a freaking child. You have to really try to rip it like the condition it was in too, you can't really "accidentally" rip it as much as these incompetent pricks did. I hate UPS.

Bimkoblerutso2542d ago

I gotta tell you, the build-up for this story made it seem like it was going to be a lot more harrowing. He just didn't get his package and they sent another copy. This has happened to me multiple times in my lifetime.

He made it seem like he was robbed at gunpoint and a UPS employee ran out and disarmed the criminal.

JimmyJames702542d ago

yeah, that would have made a better story. I'll save that for when I write the movie version.

Bimkoblerutso2541d ago

And would it kill you to throw a few robots in there?

MasterD9192541d ago

I had a shipment stolen by someone at UPS before it made it to my house...they call it lost packages...Packages with tracking numbers just don't vanish though. Someone has to take it.

Moral of the story- shipping sucks.

King20082541d ago

and maybe a ninja or two?

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