Dead Rising 2: Off The Record 'Develops' PS3 Hard-Drive Space

TGH: "Dead Rising 2: Off The Record is set to release next week and looks like just like the original, the game has it out for gamers hard-drives on Playstation 3. So if you plan on picking up the title next week be prepared to have it take a small zombie bite out of your HDD."

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Rob9462422d ago

Think i'l pass seeing as I bought DR2 already.

BattleTorn2422d ago (Edited 2422d ago )

I'm kinda of sick of these BLANK_GAME # : _____

Where they know full well they aren't adding enough content to call it the next #.

(**cought** AC **cough**)

jetlian2422d ago (Edited 2422d ago )

has a full SP and it added MP(I didn't like it tho)

This is truly BS its 80 percent the same map! story will be different tho

edit: its only 40. l still need to beat 1 and 2

reddeadite2421d ago

At least AC improves with every release. DR2OTR is like what could have been $10 worth of DLC releasing as a brand new game

doctorstrange2422d ago

Taking a break from Zombies, but I might get this during a gaming lull

dantesparda2422d ago

I didnt like their level of support for DR2 or their work on the game

jack_burt0n2422d ago

if it has vsync will pick it up for 17.99 :)

belal2422d ago

but is this dlc or a brand new game?

ShadyDevil2422d ago

A brand new game, told from Frank West's perspective.

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