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Crysis 2 came out on consoles and did fairly well for itself. So it's only natural that the first Crysis would see a re-release, though we didn't expect it to show up on current-gen consoles. Somehow Crytek has managed to squeeze all of the original game onto the Xbox and PS3. Still, the question remains: does Crysis hold up when put on consoles?

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jriquelme_paraguay2508d ago (Edited 2508d ago )

Im impressed...

I have this on PS3...

played years ago with SLi of 8800 ULTRA.

i give it 4.5/5

Crysis 1>x5 Crysis 2

GamersRulz2508d ago

I hate out of 5 scaling...

EazyC2508d ago

Just multiply the score by 2 or 20 if it's that annoying.



32froshes2506d ago (Edited 2506d ago )

Multiplying an "out of 5" score by 2 doesn't make it an "out of 10" score. When scoring out of 10, most reviewers don't ever use 5 or lower, except in extreme cases, thus it's almost more accurate to add 5 to an "out of 5" score. But that still isn't entirely accurate, and the real ratio between 5 and 10 scores is somewhere in the middle.

It also depends on the reviewer and the publication. For example, in the case of this review, Cheat Code Central's standard is 4.0-4.4 = Great, and 3.5-3.9 = Good. "Great" on a scale to 100 is probably something closer to 88-93ish than a solid 80-88. Also, 70-78 wouldn't generally be considered "Good." (Especially if you are Cliffy B.)

Series_IIa2508d ago

I'd give this game a solid 9 strangulated North Koreans out of 10

Tyre2508d ago (Edited 2508d ago )

I couldn't agree more! The fact that Crysis is running on consoles in this shape is worth a 9 in it self, well done Crytek! Loving the better controls, makes Crysis even more enjoyable! The graphics are as stunning as i 1st played it back in the day on PC, still can't believe it is the console version. Miracle work, deserves praise!

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