Can Playing Video Games Improve ADHD?

GamerFitNation's Deshonda writes about how video games could potentially improve ADHD. "If your child has attention-deficit/hyperactivit y disorder (ADHD), video games can be a tricky issue. Kids with ADHD tend to love them; while parents worry that gaming can make a bad condition worse. With their fast pace and tendency toward sensory overload, video games seem sure to exacerbate attention problems, pushing schoolwork and "real life" into the background."

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I believe it can seeing as it takes a lot of focus to get through some video games.

darthv722540d ago

my youngest son has adhd and his meds only last the duration of a regular school day. By the time he is getting home they are wearing off.

He usually plays a game or two and its amazing how much more focused he is playing lego batman or mario galaxy than on the meds.

It really takes concentration to figure out the different things in the games.


Thank you very much for speaking on this, and sharing something that is personal. A lot of people tend to forget the reality of such things, and it's good to see one not be afraid to share their experience.

Wikkid6662540d ago

LOL... that pic is called birth control to me.

Miths2540d ago

Well, my ADHD is almost certainly the reason why I almost never finish games (I've probably only done that with a little over a handful in the last decade or more) and why I tend to abruptly lose interest in a game I've been playing and loving one day but can't be bothered to continue with the next or any of the following days.

But then I'm a 34 year old man and not a kid :). I'm also not on on any medication, as Ritalin - in couple of months I tried it around five years ago - was useless for long term focus problems, and I've never really had any problems with "in the moment" concentration on tasks I'm interested in (but said interest tends to be fleeting as mentioned above).

fredolopez2540d ago

never thought of it, great article!!