Marooners' Rock Review: The Gunstringer (Kinect)

Chris writes: "Sit right down and I'll tell you a tale...a tale of adventure, brotherhood, betrayal, justice, and revenge. The Gunstringer, the rootinest-tootinest sheriff in the West, was betrayed by his posse. With the spirit of revenge in him, he rises from the dead to enforce justice on his former friends. All variety of bandits and bad guys are thrown his way, but he plows through them all. Nobody can stand in front of the baddest undead marionette sheriff of them all...The Gunstringer."

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Psychonaughty2481d ago

Ok i've only played the demo but if that was any indication then this is tripe, the review score and the game. Maybe it massively and radically improves later on but I highly doubt that tbh.

MaroonersRock2480d ago

I haven't played the demo, but from playing the game itself, the review is absolutely genuine. Keep in mind that different people have different tastes. You may not have liked it, but that doesn't mean that everybody else should feel the same.