Battlefield 3 - 15 Tips to Improve Your Game

MP1st writes, "From here, we're going to get a little more picky, and gear our tips more towards how to shine in the upcoming Battlefield 3."

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Hockeydud192510d ago

Listening to the sounds? Idk if I can pick and choose cause everything in the game sounds friggin awesome!

Mister_V2510d ago

I think they did really good job separating each sound and adding a lot of clarity. It's not just a mesh of really loud and awesome 'splosions. It's a lot more spacious, I guess you could say.

Nitrowolf22510d ago

lol sound is awesome in this game. Got a nice pair of headsets to go with this game and it's amazing hearing directions and such of sound

Cenobia2509d ago

I played it for a couple of hours at a friends house and I was kind of disappointed in the sound. The guns do not sound very powerful, which I kind of liked about Bad Company (although it needed to be toned down a bit).

I'll be getting the final version though, and will have to try it on my headphones so I can hear better.

xtremexx2510d ago

Would someone tell me how the f**k to spot, i want to help me team mates but i cant find it.

Criminal2510d ago

Select on PS3. Back on 360. Q on PC.

KonGreat2510d ago

Ohhhhhh. I was pressing all buttons on the xbox trying to figure which one it was. They should have like, told you that in the beginning or something.
But thanks anyways!

RufustheKing2510d ago

do you get a bonus for spotting someone and someone else kills them?

Triggs2510d ago


Yes you'll get spot assist points (I think about 10 points).

@Criminal, that was helpful to everyone.

Criminal2510d ago (Edited 2510d ago )

@Everyone above

No problem guys! I added the info to the article. :)

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Spitfire_Riggz2509d ago

If you want to help your team mates watch this video. Its for bad company but its pretty much the same

DavidMacDougall2510d ago

Is it just me thats getting the 3secs death lag on the PS3?

Criminal2510d ago (Edited 2510d ago )

I'm playing on both versions, but I don't get what you mean. Can you explain?

DavidMacDougall2510d ago

I'll run into a room, see a enemy aim but as im aiming my death is already show up on the score at the bottom of the screen so im shooting him and im alive for them 3secs then just dye lol

Criminal2510d ago (Edited 2510d ago )

Interesting, I haven't had a similar problem on either console, but I only played the closed beta on the PS3 though, so this might have cropped up in the open beta.

Cenobia2509d ago

When I played I would frequently die after leaving the enemies line of sight.

This happens in COD all the time, but it got pretty bad before I stopped playing. Hopefully it was just beta lag.

RufustheKing2510d ago

i had a guy yesterday on the ps3 and twice i come up from behind, poured a clip into his back, he turned around and shot me with the pistol and i died. nothing as annoying as lag in a game.

DavidMacDougall2510d ago

Yeah im guessing its just lag and servers overcrowded, but most of the time i go down in 1 shot but i know its been probably 15 odd lol

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OcelotRigz2510d ago

Good advice for guys new to BF, but most of it should be obvious.

My biggest advice and what i feel is the most important thing to stress in BF, "Know Your Role". If you play as your class intended and help your squad/team, it greatly improves your chance of winning. Also nothings more satisfying than winning a tough battle with great teamwork.

Mister_V2510d ago

We actually mentioned that in one of our other articles!
Definitely important!

OcelotRigz2510d ago

Yeah, i think thats where i picked up the phrase "Know Your Role".
Not only is it important but when you play the game that way its just so much more satisfying.

By the way, Mister V, ive never heard of MP1st until this year buts its been brilliant for me with all the little bits of news regarding BF3. Cheers.

Mister_V2509d ago

@OcelotRigz, that's because we've only been around for about a month and a half or so :) But thanks! It really means a lot!

OcelotRigz2509d ago (Edited 2509d ago )

Oh i see. Well you guys certainly hit the ground running, the articles are clear and straight to the point and the site, although fresh looking, appears more experienced as if its been around for ages.
Im sure you guys will continue to do well, especially now with multiplayer gaming getting bigger every year and you guys fit a niche where you only focus on the multiplayer aspect of gaming.

RufustheKing2510d ago

i like the assult rifle and i like to heal people as well.

My tips would be:
(1)Learn the map, not just the routes for attacker and defender but where best to place youself. if you going to disarm A and get shot by a guy in the corner more than once, watch that corner next time and use that corner if you attacking.
(2)granades are not just for attack, they are defensive as well.use it to get the enemy to move away from a point.(learned that from battlefield 1943)
(3)have a mic? use it. nothing worse than heavy breathing in your ear. also learn the names of static(stopped) players around you, especialy when defending. if playing with friends stick together if you can.
(4)When attacking momentum is key. when defending, defensive points(sounds obvious, you'd be surprised how often people don't know this) are key. defenders should wait for the attackers come to them, not the other way around.

thats it for now. :)

OcelotRigz2510d ago

Good points, especially #1 and #4. I hate when your defending and all your team is going forward to pick off the attackers and there's always a few guys who sneak by and im left by myself to defend two stations, very annoying. When you actually stay back, take up good positions around the stations then it makes it very difficult for attackers to win. Especially if you are dropping fisrt aid and ammo ala "Know Your Role".

Also, just to expand on #2, especially when your 'support', fire where the enemy is, even if you dont hit them more so to push them back like Rufustheking stated.

krazykombatant2510d ago

I like point four, I'm for the most part a new comer to the Battlefield series, however, from what i've gathered in the beta its also good to keep that front line far away from your M-COMs. The push into your area will take a lot longer. If everyone is at the front, and the guy sneaks at the back, more often than not its just going to be him by himself. Just my experience thus far.

HeavenlySnipes2510d ago

moving from your vantage spot is overrated. Just find a comfy bush and await an unsuspecting objective player

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