Best Buy Allowing Gamers to Play Uncharted 3 Early

Dualshock Nexus: Best Buy is offering a nice little incentive to those who preorder Uncharted 3. If you preorder Uncharted 3 from Best Buy you will be allowed to play a level from the campaign before the game releases.

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death2smoochie2538d ago

Now that is one sweet deal right there

DarkTower8052538d ago (Edited 2538d ago )

I guess for some, but 1 level isn't going to do anything for me. I'd just be pissed I couldn't play the whole thing. Btw, isn't all the Uncharted games divided into chapters? So 1 chapter is basically the intro.

Still, even if it's not good for me i'm sure it will be for others. It might even persuade some newcomers to the Uncharted series to give it a go.

fuzion17c2538d ago

No need for me to jump on this deal. I'm getting a full copy of UC3 a week early after attending the AMC theater promo in a couple weeks!

CoReI5K2538d ago ShowReplies(6)
xAlmostPro2538d ago

Core, surely you write these comments and feel extremely sad afterwards. The best thing you can do with your spare time is come on websites and troll? really?..

Majority of us are on here for gaming news and too discuss the topics at hand, im guessing your either really young or still have a fair amount of growing up to do.

Sales dont make the better game and it's down to preference but this article is about a pre-order bonus not gears :)

bronxsta2538d ago (Edited 2538d ago )

One: How do you get to the page they show in the article?

Two: I preordered from Best Buy, so does anyone know how this works. Do you actually have to go the store and get a code or what?

Three: How do I check if my store is part of this?

Four: Is it only for preordering the collector's edition?

WildArmed2538d ago

It'd be best to call your local best buy.

Esp. since it says "Only at select Best Buy Stores"