Battlefield 3 Squad Deathmatch screenshots leaked!

Battlefield 3's Squad Deathmatch mode is shown in new leaked screenshots.

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doctorstrange2546d ago

You'd think they'd release it properly

Elwenil2546d ago

They are releasing it properly. On October 25th, 27th and 28th.

deadpoole2546d ago (Edited 2546d ago )

Im soooo torn between bf3 and uc3 ... i dont know what i should do ..... :(((((

One more thing ... these screenshots r offering several added things such as sandbags aidin lightpole in subway and near escalator ... these things r not there in BF3 beta ... plus Ive realized lightin is much much better in subway.

Elwenil2546d ago

This is probably going to be a bit long, so bear with me...

I think BF3 is going to have a pretty solid FPS multiplayer and probably decent multiplayer and co-op modes. U3 is most likely going to have a great single player experience and decent 3rd person multiplayer and co-op. So it sort of boils down to what is more important to you, FPS multiplayer or epic singleplayer. Naturally both games are probably going to have rave reviews as well as their fair share of haters. Both games have some pretty big shoes to fill with great games preceding them, but both are also from world class developers with great reputations for games in their respective genres. So which is more important to you?

For me, I am getting both but that is not always an option for people on a budget. I'm pretty tight on cash myself, but I planned for these two games releasing a week apart months ago. If I had to choose between the two, I would pick Battlefield 3 and pick up Uncharted 3 a little later. Before anyone swamps me with disagrees, let me explain. I like both franchises equally. I've played Battlefield since 1942 came out on PC and Uncharted was my first game I purchased for my PS3. I love them both but so far there is no real incentive to buy U3 at release other than the want/need to play it ASAP. With BF3 you get the Back To Karkand DLC for free if you preorder the Limited Edition and plus it's mainly multiplayer and for some, like me, progressing through the ranks is important and fun to compete with friends. You can say the same with U3, but for me personally, I'm much more excited for BF3's multiplayer than U3's multiplayer. The con to getting BF3 is you will have to be careful about reading U3 reviews and comments or you might get some spoilers which sucks if you wanted to have a fresh experience through the story. Just my .02

Shackdaddy8362546d ago

I didn't know those really big trees could fall down. That's pretty cool...

mahfuz272546d ago

Oh mah Gawd, the anti-infantry tank looked BEAST.

Cant wait to get a hold of a copy, jizzing over the beta already xD

TheClown2546d ago

What I wanna see get "leaked" is a little toy dinosaur attachment that goes on your gun and roars every time you get a kill.

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The story is too old to be commented.