VG247- Hard Boiled: Rockstar shows off Max Payne 3

VG247: "Max in his New York apartment, near the beginning of the game. There’s a snowstorm brewing in the skies above and a shit storm soon to be unleashed within these four walls. For now though, the apartment sports the very best in crack-den-chic: takeaway cartons strewn all over, bottles of bourbon scattered around and about. Max is not house-proud, that’s for sure.

He’s also a little careless, it seems: he’s accidentally gunned down the son of a local mob boss. So, whilst entertaining a friend from Brazil who’s simultaneously trying to convince Max to sign up to his private security detail and decrying his living conditions, Max has to answer the call of one Anthony DeMarco. The mob boss has come for tea and seems none too pleased that Max has no custard creams to share."

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