Forza Motorsport 4 - Daily Joypad Review

Daily Joypad's Steve writes - "Turn 10 Studios have taken Forza Motorsport 4 to a whole new level – it’s accessible, it’s deep, it has the Top Gear Test Track and challenges, Autovista and 16-player online over Xbox live. Even if you have Forza 3, there is still more than enough reasons for owning the fourth game in the series."

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JokesOnYou2542d ago

I knew it would be great, in other news water is wet.

byrnezy2541d ago

If it's anything like the demo I really don't understand these review scores. Felt alot more like a arcade racer than a proper SIM. Looks great, sounds great but if the driving physics are not great, well then who cares about the rest

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josephayal2541d ago

This game is better than call of duty and dark souls combine

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