Variety reviews Uncharted: Drake's Fortune

At first blush it would be easy to compare Nathan Drake, the treasure-hunting star of Sony's new adventure videogame "Uncharted," with "Tomb Raider's" Lara Croft. But Drake leaves Lara in the dust, delivering the Indiana Jones experience better than gamers have ever seen it before...

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gamesblow4018d ago

This is the best game I've ever played. I'm so glad I got the chance to play this before the reviews came out and I'm so glad I got the chance to actually live to see this game play out. I loved it. Sony's 1st game that's ever been flawless to me.

Uncharted takes everything you know about gaming and kicks it up 10 notches and then throws a twist in the middle of the game that no one who doesn't look at spoilers will see coming.

Everything was a quality experinece here. Do yourself a favor... disable your 720P and 1080I settings... if you have a 1080P tv and play it on there. you won't see any slowdown, no pop up, nothing but beauty. Also, the last boss fight is the most cienematic in gaming history. It's like an action movie. I don't know what they're on about. They are right, however, the ending was soooooooooooooooo worth it.

Bonsai12144018d ago

if your tv supports 1080p, shouldn't it be displayed like that automatically?

gamesblow4018d ago (Edited 4018d ago )

No, i know it does... But I'm saying for anyone who wants to complain and nag about it. This game does, actually, boot up in 1080P and it looks even better. All you need to do is disable 720P and 1080I from your xmb for it to work. I never noticed anything these people are talking about. The choppy driving scene? Whatever... that thing was intense. And ithad no pop in or slow down on my end. I love this game so much.

To Bonsai, no... You ahve to manually disable the 720P and 1080I settings ont he xmb or it'll boot up in 720P nativly on Uncharted and many other games. You have to force it into 1080P, like a COD4, for instance. Alot of these games do work in 1080P, but so many people don't understand how the xmb works or their tvs. You litterally have to check them off. Most people don't want to turn off 720P, cause most Ps3 games are 720P and if they do it'll boot in 480P and not the propper 720P it should be at and that sucks...

My advice, if you have a 1080P tv make sure you check your games to see if they are bootable in that rez by doing what I've just laid out for oyu.

jcgamer4018d ago

The review doesn't reveal any plot, it just outlines the to anyone who doesn't want to know ANYTHING, just know it's a great, and game on...

Jen5en4018d ago

Seems like they didn't have a greater interest in it, but then again; it's Variety. It had this whole "meh" attitude towards it to begin with, so I really doubt that the reviewer was serious about his job at that point.

By the way, the cutscenes aren't animated, they're real-time as far as I know... the framerate isn't constant; and a processor seldom has problems displaying a video.

gamesblow4018d ago

Variety is variety... Mario Galaxy review anyone? though I agree with it. They really talked uncharted up, I thought. They were wrong about a few things, though. The fight scene at the end was amazing. It was cinematic. Unlike all games before it. This one actually felt like a movie right. The jeep scene had not 1 ounce of a choppy frame rate on my tv or ps3. I don't understand that... But, overall, a great review for a great game.

Evan Wells said by the time they're set to do another one the animation system will have increased to over 5000 animations for Drake and that the texture streaming would be bumped up to about 200 mb of v-ram, instead of 125 they ahd here.

tmax4017d ago

I can see Uncharted turning into a great movie franchise. I wonder who would play Drake in the movie.

gamesblow4017d ago

I can see Nick Lanche or whoever that dude is playing him. He looks just like him, only Drake's actually pretty cool and that guy's just a tool. I know who I don't want to play him... Ashton Kutcher or Ryan Reynolds... please, for the love of God... NO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Or that Jake Gyhlanhall S*it SMACK!

consolewar4017d ago

were trying to do with this and Lair and HS. Wonder when are they gonna start making games.


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