Impressions: Battlefield 3 PC Beta [DeltaGamer]

DeltaGamer have been playing a lot of the Battlefield 3 PC Beta and have some thoughts to share...

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ATi_Elite2544d ago (Edited 2544d ago )

Pretty much how I felt when playing BF3 Beta! the bugs and glitches here and there are expected in a Beta of an OLD version.

and a few small features need touched up in the game-play area! I always choose death when killed and revived. I hate getting killed as soon as i spawn.

Overall BF3 is gonna kick major arse!!

spektical2544d ago

great review.. delta gamer.. hmm that reminds me of the endless hours playing delta force 2

hiredhelp2544d ago

OFF TOPIC" For a gam,e that has caused abit of a debate from the beta witch by the way doesnt bother me too much,Well part from it launching via a browser.

This has been in top spot on N4G for a long time now 1,
yet mw3 has been in middle and today in last place.
Not trying to cause shit just cant beleave how much hits this game has had cant remember a game getting this much attention for long time. AWSOME

venom062544d ago

FINALLY A REVIEW FROM SOMEONE WITH A BRAIN CELL!!! good to see finally some random CoD fanboy didn't just make some stupid negative article to get views... Author needs to change the title to, "Nice Positive Impressions: Battlefield 3 PC Beta "