Uncharted 3′s MP is a mess, What Naughty Dog Can Improve

Naughty Dog tied up with Subway for a promotional campaign which allows anyone who purchases a Subway product to redeem a code which will entitle them access to the full multiplayer mode of Uncharted 3, nearly one month prior to launch.

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smurfz2540d ago

Well, it doesn't feel as much fun as UC 2's mp did, but am still enjoying it.

LOGICWINS2540d ago

I actually had more fun with the June/August beta than UC2 MP. Haven't played the Subway beta with the new patch yet. Hope, its good :)

Drekken2540d ago

Logic we completely agree on something. I LOVED the 1st beta. I really thought it would consume me...

I loved the coop/survival modes in UC2, but not so much for pvp. But the UC3 first beta was awesome. Now it just didn't feel right. Hopefully a couple patches will bring back that loving feeling.

Virus2012540d ago (Edited 2540d ago )

I don't think the game we are playing now (for anyone who bought the subway cups) is a beta. They have said that this is the "early multiplayer access an your rank and progress will carry over to the full game.

starchild2540d ago

Well, I am hoping to play it today.. so I will see whether I like the changes or not. I have to say, though, that I really loved the summer beta. I am an Uncharted 2 veteran, but I am pretty adaptable and I just flow with most changes.

ginsunuva2540d ago

The new one is better than the old beta. Except for the sideways drag when shooting while turning.

Highlife2540d ago (Edited 2540d ago )

I am in the Subway beta and I am missing the coop multiplayer so much. *DELETE* I want to like the PVP but it just isn't right. I enjoy the coop survival the most. Can't wait for 11/11


ABizzel12540d ago

I agree with some of the reasoning in the article, the new Beta is a bit different. It doesn't really feel like Uncharted. The shooting has become very different. It's not as natural as Uncharted 2 or the early beta.

The Spawn system is fine, you can spawn on anyone on your team as long as their not in a shootout (which prevents camping to a certain degree).

The combat isn't nearly what it was. In U2 multiplayer, it kind of guided you to the other player, which people complained about, but now it's like it never works unless you can smell their breath over your mic, and by then you're dead because your first strike missed.

Leveling up is fine, yes you level up fast, but that's a good thing. People don't have time to spend their lives in a game, so it's nice to be able to still compete and be on an even playing field with people who spend their lives online.

Camping happens, but only if you can't spawn on someone, and even then it doesn't occur often.

disturbing_flame2540d ago

Same here dude.

Recently i read Neogaf they were saying that the actual beta was very far from the one we played this summer. What was mostly embarassing for the players was the run & gun play that was too overpowered and some spawns that were average.

In this article the first statement makes me wonder. It is said that the level design of the maps is not good. From what i've played so far this summer (it's not the same maps) i found that the level design was actually one of the best in a TPS multiplayer on the market (maybe even the best easily). Naughty dogs could have made symetric maps, it's the easiest way to design a map system, but they didn't, they really worked hard to make maps that have their feelings. It's actually the same work we see in the best FPS multiplayers on this generetion : if their maps were symetrics the game would be boring very quickly with random patterns and very abusive habitudes.

Kudos to ND then, level design, maps design is really great, we can fly, jump, from roofs to roofs, from rooms to rooms, from wall to the ground, with this feeling we are evolving in a "parcours" race. It's great and dynamic and the the fluidity behind our movement are improved by a real responsive gameplay.

Anyway, since those complaints from gamers it appears that Naughty Dog has released a patch yesterday or today i learned, maybe i'm wrong. So i wonder if this article was written before or after the patch. Hope Gamersmint will retest the MP, i mean it's also their opinion that will make the game evolves. Naughty Dogs seems very concerned by the opinion of all gamers, it can have then a positive effect on the game.

Danteh2539d ago

Seriously? So what have the changed exactly?

I played the hell out of the Summer beta and I had never had so much fun with a game in my life :D

Pure magic!

2539d ago
ABizzel12539d ago


After playing it for a while I found out. They really nerfed the weapons to the max to make it feel like upgrading weapons does a lot. So when you start out, your weapons are extra shitty compared to how every weapon felt in Uncharted 2. In Uncharted 2 there were only a few perks, whereas here, there's so many it takes away from the fun early on.

And the campers aren't spawn campers. They spawn block all day long in plunder.

It's fun after you level up, but not when you start.

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n4gisatroll2540d ago

I agree, but uc3 mp is fun still. They just added unnecessary things imo.

BoNeSaW232540d ago

Unnecessary stuff like the increased health or lower bullet damage? Not sure which one they did, but it definitely has been changed and takes way too many bullets to kill someone compared to the summer beta.

RevengeSociety2539d ago

Dont know why people are disagreeing with you. U2 multiplayer was the ORIGINAL, so why would naughtydpg change it.
Still buying it though for campaign

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WhiteLightning2540d ago (Edited 2540d ago )

Finally...someone who has the balls to say it.

Summer beta was great...after patch 3 everyone was happy and they couldn't wait for ND to fix the small problems that could make the online nearly perfect

ND do what they always do....fix the stuff which dosen't need fixing while not the fixing the real issues.

The Subway beta comes and it's a mess, blindfire and sprint issues for example.

Why do people feel the need to pretend like nothing is wrong because it's ND. I love ND...I love Uncharted but if theres something wrong with the game you better tell them so you can enjoy it for what it is rather then pretending to like it because it's ND.

What bugs me about ND is how can they take this beta in Summer which after patch 3 they got right thanks to peoples feedback....then just ignore everyone and change it to be noob friendly. Come on.....somethings up there....who would do that. All your doing is taking the online you've improved on and fixing the rest of the issues that you didn't get around to doing while the beta was still up.

Yet now I'll be dissagreed to death because I'm calling NaughtyDog, not at what I actually wrote...just that it's something negative towards them.

LOGICWINS2540d ago (Edited 2540d ago )

Have u played the beta after installing the new patch? I hear its much closer to the summer beta.

But yeah, pre-patch, the game is crap. Who the hell came up with the idea to take away stopping power?

WhiteLightning2540d ago (Edited 2540d ago )

Havent got round to it yet. I've heard some people say it's ok but still not like the Summer Beta. I'll see when I get on though and then I'll judge the new patch.

Still though the fact remains how do you take a beta you've improved on and instead of fixing the rest of the issues you change everything. It just dosen't make sense. You wouldn't change something which you've managed to get nearly perfect...that was the whole point of the Summer beta.

DFresh2540d ago

I played the game with the new patch and it's still broken.

No where near what the Summer UC3 Beta was and offered.

BeaArthur2540d ago

Played it last night and there is far less blindfire/melee combat going on. Feels a lot more like it did during the original beta.

MsclMexican2540d ago

They are tweaking the aiming to feel like the beta, also they don't want to give americans an unfair advantage to the people playing on NOV 1st. They are tweaking it, they want feedback

shodaime2540d ago

I havent try it yet but i still thought that summer beta was great and fun t play and i dont think i'll play this again im just gonna wait for the game to come out