Halloween-a-thon: Amnesia the Dark Descent

Halloween is a time of tricks and treats and the good old need to be scared silly with some good old video games. Some of the games that Go Gaming Giant mentions won’t be new and they might not even be major hits, but these games have an element of terror that will make a grown man shriek. What a way to kick off Go Gaming Giant’s month long list of horror games then with the newcomer; Amnesia the Dark Descent. If you haven’t played Amnesia yet, do yourself a favor and play this game.

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The Tingler2540d ago

Man, I forgot Halloween was coming up. Got to pick my scares for this year!

The Tingler2540d ago

And incidentally, Amnesia is the scariest game of all time.

RaymondM2540d ago

my good man, this might rank up there with Fatal Frame (still refuse to play that game alone) and Silent Hill (mind F__k scary)

floetry1012539d ago

It's one of those classic horror games that contains a special moment. Silent Hill 2 had Pyramid Head, Condemned had the mannequins, and Amnesia has the water hallway.

Murgatroyd72539d ago

The only thing better than playing this game is watching other people play it.