IGN - Max Payne 3 Is Still Max Payne (And That's Great)

IGN - Don't let the sunny skies fool you -- this is the franchise you love.

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RaymondM2506d ago

I have waited for this game so long, I know it wont disappoint

JonDiskonected2505d ago

usually when you wait for games for so long, you hype yourself too much and you end up dissapointed

I waited for red dead redemption and la noire for so long that when they finally came out I was dissapointed by both, I even sold la noire

Virus2012505d ago

I understand what you're saying. For me it was kind of a different story. I bought Red Dead Redemption and L.A Noire because everyone was saying how good they were. However I didn't finish both games because in my opinion they were so boring. I just gave Red Dead Redemption to my brother and sold L.A Noire.

WhiteLightning2505d ago (Edited 2505d ago )

We'll see but I'm not changing my opinion just because it's Rockstar.

If this game has everything a Max Payne should have why didn't they show us this through the first trailer they released of MP3. If it feels like MP3 then they should of made us think that from the trailer...the only MP related thing I got from it was MP2's theme song played at the beginging untill it was interupted by the dance song while all the brazilian "babes" were partying and I just lost my MP vibe from it.

Rockstar should of shown us whatever they showed these guys

P_Bomb2505d ago

Whoa, stop the presses. Greg Miller says James McCaffrey is back as the voice of Max Payne! Is this true, cuz last I heard the powers that be at Rockstar said they were pulling a Cole McGrath/Carmelita Fox and recasting him?