Games in Browsers Are The Future, says EA Founder

The man behind Electronic Arts has watched as video games have grown into a mainstream form of entertainment. Trip Hawkins, founder and CEO of Digital Chocolate, was one of the early executives to see the future of mobile gaming and social gaming. Like EA in its early days, Digital Chocolate has been able to find an audience of gamers across the growing field of mobile devices, as well as on Facebook. Hawkins talks about mobile gaming, online gaming and the role the cloud will play in the future of video games in this exclusive IndustryGamers interview.

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donniebaseball2510d ago

I think to some degree he's right. I mean everything is basically moving online, and how does everyone navigate online? Through browsers. And gaming in browsers is already happening.

pixelsword2510d ago

Maybe, I don't know. I can't see it taking over console gaming. I can't say PC gaming, since most browsers run on the PC; so that's a lateral move if anything.