Steam Weekend Deal- Fable 3

Steam’s weekend Deal for October 6th-October 10th is Fable 3. The Sale will end at 10am PST, so that would be 1pm EST time. Below is a description on the game as well as some important information.

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zeal0us2540d ago

Still haven't played this for my 360, tempted to get it for my pc though.

evrfighter2539d ago

Almost bought it but decided to try before I buy

sonicsidewinder2539d ago

Would buy it for Fiver. It's too shit for £10.

St02539d ago

Not even worth a fiver imo

Enmson2539d ago

An error was encountered while processing your request:

This item is currently unavailable in your region


i hate when this happen...

bumnut2539d ago

Maybe if they released it at the same time as the 360 version PC gamers would have been interested.

kwyjibo2539d ago

Why isn't Fable 2 available on PC, is it because that's the good one?