These new modded GTA stills show that it is the undisputable graphics king

GB : We have some new screenshots of GTA 4, modded obviously, and we can’t believe what we have just seen. The game looks incredible. This has to be seen to be beleived; the ENB mod has completely shown what a latest PC is capable off. Will the next-gen console be able to match this visual fidelity? We doubt it, but if they come close it’ll be one hell of an achievement.

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WhiteLightning2425d ago

GTA4 Mod Article #56


We get it, the PC can do things like this that consoles can't. Does every small update to that mod have to get an article on here.

Shubhankar2425d ago

I'm sorry, is that a question or a statement? The lack of a question mark confuses me.

To answer your question, those screens are pretty good. Looks like they're worth mentioned (according to me, at least).

Anarki2424d ago

MODIFYING a game doesn't make it the "GRAPHIC KING". What if people went modifying crysis?

Hellsvacancy2424d ago

Exactly, better graphics wont improve GTA 4s borin gameplay

Panthers2424d ago

Exactly. It may look amazing, but I would take Vice City over this any day.

jriquelme_paraguay2425d ago

omg... another GTA IV mod article... :S

Perjoss2425d ago

If N4G was only for console gamers then it would be called N4CG, but it's not.

RioKing2424d ago (Edited 2424d ago )

it's not about the fact that its for PC...its about the fact that there seems to be a new "modded gta4" article every other week. And honestly, the screenshots always look theres nothing really new here.

Plus, why the hell did this show up in the PS3 section on N4G???? I would report it as wrong tagging...but..I'm still a "trainee" :/

SilentNegotiator2424d ago

And if N4G were for tiny weekly updates to a handful of GTA4 mods (or often just more screenshots of the same thing), it would be called N4GTAMG....or something.

The point is, this is nothing new, but screenshots of the same small group of mods get an article at LEAST once a week. And thanks to the title names, they seem to get a million hits on N4G every time; we don't need the same crap clogging up the top stories every other day. It's getting REALLY annoying.

Soldierone2424d ago

Yes....but the PS3/360 area and tags are for....wait for it....PS3 and 360....

Why are PC only articles spamming the hell out of these areas?

Like stated. Good job you built a mod. Even console games could look that good if you go to the studios themselves and mess with the code they have on PC's.....there is a reason studios haven;t jumped that far yet though.

Maddens Raiders2424d ago

*sighs* why don't i take some modded HDR shots from GT5 photo mode and slap this same title on it and call it news? i know why, b/c it would be f'n dumb, which this "article"

Dee_912424d ago (Edited 2424d ago )

LOL I was thinking of doing that

but then i remembered how annoying these types of articles are.

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ATi_Elite2425d ago

On one hand I'm starting to get tired of GTAIV mod articles and especially since it's NOT anything new.

But on the other hand i actually play GTAIV online MP (Turf Wars) while running this mod and It never gets old looking at how splendid it looks.

GTAIV w/ ice mod is HOT just like Crysis w/ immersion mod but i like STALKER COP Complete cause i really just enjoy the game world and textures better.....but that's just a personnel preference!

Jappy-k72425d ago

"undisputable graphics king"

someone is begging for hits...

Blaze9292425d ago

so, what else is new? Obviously not this story...

C L O U D2425d ago

Slap the guy who keeps uploading them

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