The Pixel Review: Eufloria Review

The Pixel Review writes:

I’ve always wanted to like Starcraft. At it’s core, it appeals to my douchey nature. The side of me that wants to triumph in one on one intellectual warfare. I really should like that game.

The trouble is that StarCraft isn’t just a game. It’s a science. For your average person, the game can be daunting. Memorizing build orders, maps and unit capabilities; it can take more time than a gamer can invest, assuming he wants to play more than one game.

Enter Eufloria, a refined RTS with all the elements I love about Starcraft but with a decidedly more accessible approach. Like chess, or its disabled cousin checkers, the game can be learned in moments allowing you to move right on to the enjoyable bits without sacrificing depth.

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Nitrowolf22545d ago

Man this game sounds good gonna give the demo a go

Szarky2545d ago

Didn't have the patience for it, tried it and gave up after a minute (I know, should have given it more time). Was hoping it would be more pick and play right away and learn mechanics as you go... I was just lazy =p

modraikadabaka2545d ago

My first moments were kind of me just thinking "oh. so it's pretty. is that all?"

It did end up being fun. But to each their own. :D

Winkle922545d ago

Haha the author nailed my own experience with Starcraft. Maybe I'll give this game a go.

modraikadabaka2545d ago


I really want to get into Starcraft. Just can't do it, lol.