Nuclear Dawn needs to loosen the leash - Review [NoobFeed]

Daav from gets absolutely creamed in Nuclear Dawn. Then he gets up again, just to get creamed towards infinity. It's tough to love a game that won't let you start playing, even if the mix of RTS and FPS is pretty unique.

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ATi_Elite2481d ago

Nuclear Dawn is PC Game.....and not some casual crap! Your gonna need more that a quick trigger finger to win!

The game is supposed to be challenging and difficult because it's based on Strategy, execution, and management and not run n gun.

To gain victory you need a great commander to perform well on the RTS side and troops to trust his/her leadership!!

ND is truly a teamwork command structured game and deviating from the commanders plan can bring about failure and or mutiny. Communication and teamwork are really really important in ND. sure the FPS part is fun but you gotta follow orders to gain total victory.

The graphics are not BF3 quality but they are standard PC fanfare. The controls are good and the game is made with quality. having a RTS commander and several players in FPS mode makes the game very very challenging and unique.

Nuclear dawn is getting heavy rotation at my weekend Lan parties cause it brings RTS and FPS together very well in mP action.

Daavpuke2481d ago

Thank you for your insight, sir. And I'm not being sarcastic, I enjoyed your point of view.

ATi_Elite2481d ago

No problem! Glad i could help!
and again ND is a good game. if you ever played BF2 with the commander view ND takes it a step further.