FIFA 12 Patch Due Out in Two Weeks to Make "Big Corrections"

Gamer Euphoria wrote: "EA Sports community manager Romily Broad revealed a new update for the recently released FIFA 12 on their latest FIFA podcast.

Romily is quoted in saying:

“Two or three weeks from now the first patch will happen and that’s going to make big corrections to some of the things that are bothering people the most,”

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jamstorr862418d ago

fix the defending first of all. while i'm getting better at it, it does make this year's fifa less fun and easy to pick up and play.

likewhoaaa2418d ago

Just because the defending is new, doesn't mean it needs to be fixed. I didn't like the new defending at first when I was practicing on the demo, but as i played more and more I learned that the defending is what makes this game so much better than any previous installments of this series. I feel that if you take the time to learn how to defend properly you'll actually be rewarded in the end.

Just my two cents.

Anderson82418d ago

i would have to agree.. i hated it at first and considered not buying 12 after playing the demo but the defending is much better, its a skill that needs to be mastered rather than something the comp does for you automatically..

pctrollv42418d ago (Edited 2418d ago )

what dude? you are kidding right? the new defending is what makes this game the best in the series. It makes it harder to score on someone who knows how to use it. It is no longer run and shoot, thats noob stuff. Come on, take your time and learn it. Why does it have to be easy to pick up? for that go play it on the wii, but fifa is trying to get more serious every year and this is their first real step into that. Fifa 12 is by far the best of all.

Big_Dom2418d ago ShowReplies(2)
CaptainMarvelQ82418d ago

The defending is definitely better,but with me it's the case of either beating with a 5-0 score,or losing from a 0-5 score.

--Onilink--2418d ago

I hope this means they are going to fix the referees... they dont seem to know how to react to the player impact engine and i have seen (and done) some pretty nasty tackles and there is no foul

Big_Dom2418d ago (Edited 2418d ago )

N4G mods can go fuck themselves for that warning.