Thumbs Up/Down: Top 5 Horrible Video Game Clothing Choices | GameBlurb

GameBlurb: "Sometime I can't figure out why, when there is an alien attack or zombie apocalypse, the first choice in clothing is a bikini, top hat, and 7 inch stilettos..."

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Gordo7892481d ago

not sure about Jill on this one.

RahatR2481d ago

Wow....that feature image...all I have to say is wow..

Quagmire2480d ago

I've always figured Ezio had not so much a horrible clothing choice, but a counter-intuitive one. He's supposed to blend in and be all stealthy, and be able to see his surroundings, but his hood covers 75% of his face, covering his eyes so not sure how the heck he sees, and its way too flashy meaning he can be easily spotted in a crowd.

I LOVE the AC series, my fave series this gen, but I've always figured that was the case. Altair was alright considering he wore his attire to blend with the priests or monks, even though he too couldn see squat from under the hood.

Lord_Sloth2480d ago

Ezio's design is made so he looks like a nobleman. Any idea how many minimum wage soldiers were willing to start shit against some1 with more ties to the king than they have to their own boss? They'd try to just let him be unless they were absolutely forced to move it.

As for the hood, it's easier to see out of those things than you might think. Plus, did you know that it's harder to recall some1's face when you can't see their eyes? You stand a much better chance of people forgetting your face is they can't make eye contact.

DankJemo2481d ago

I've always wondered why Ivy thought it was a great idea to wear purple spandex to a fight while characters like Nightmare came in full armor. These poor, undersexed developers clearly need to release some tension when they have characters dressed like this.

Gordo7892481d ago

Ivy stopped being sexy in the later games and started just being plain old creepy. I think Hilde was a step in the right direction in SC4.

Bimkoblerutso2480d ago

Not just from a design perspective, either. She had some really interesting new mechanics too.

tonecluster2481d ago

Judging from the image, I'd like to work for gameblurb

Acquiescence2480d ago

Far as I can tell, she's a certified MILF.

Lord_Sloth2480d ago

Can't tell if serious...

It's Lara Croft.

Acquiescence2480d ago

It was considered too risque I guess. Used to have a naked MILF.

Lord_Sloth2479d ago

Ohhhh. I was confused for a second. XXXD My bad.