PS Home Special Private Beta Being Sent Out, Adds Teleporter, New Hub and More

TheParanoidGamer: "Well looks like PS HOME is about to launch a special Beta. Today, Sony sent out some invites for a Special Beta that Home will be offering."

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Godmars2901668d ago (Edited 1668d ago )

If this is true will anyone be leaking footage of what is likely for the new Home layout?

Footage man! I need footage!

Not like I can't wait until they actually release the thing :p

(Unlike some people who only say "Can't wait" for something that doesn't even have a release date...)

Nitrowolf21668d ago

It's nice actually. Only started it and had to turn it off, but there are some changes.

Nitrowolf21668d ago

I think my BETA messed up :( I don't have Teleporter option like the message said

sarshelyam1668d ago

Check your's likely in's an appliance you have to place in your home space redecoration menu.

-Alpha1668d ago

How did u get it? I want one.

Must u be a regular Home user or something?

Nitrowolf21668d ago (Edited 1668d ago )

@ Alpha

PS+ Subscriber and probably had to visit home sometime prior before invites got sent

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Hellsvacancy1668d ago

Once a time ago i got a secret beta invite to PS Home, i was like 1 of 500 or summin, it was for testin some new interface, it was a year or so ago, anyway, i mentioned it on N4G (comment section) and b4 you know it some slag grassed me up (to who-ever i dont know) and i got denied access to that feature on PS Home

If you think im lyin troll through all my comments, itll be there somewhere

So i wouldnt recommend openin your mouth OR leakin any footage, Sony will f you up man

guitarded771668d ago

@ God... it's true. Got my invite. Thinking about buying the camera and uploading footage to youtube.

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Christopher1668d ago (Edited 1668d ago )

I've gotten a PSN message regarding this with an attachment. Haven't looked at it yet, but will research it a bit more since it's not from the usual PSN user, but a user by the name of Locust_Star.

Edit: Looks legit considering Locust_Star is the face for Home on PS Blog.

Update: Downloaded and installed and went through the instructions. Currently loading the new beta environments. Will see if there's anything of value here. Normally Home just hasn't been for me.

Update #2: Tried out the new area, still wasn't into it. It's like a much smaller hub with few stores and games. Looks like a bit of a step back, but perhaps they are going to release more over time. There was an activity board that gave out quests, but it broke while I was using it (not a coincidence, I tell you!), which could be neat. The way it was designed, looks like players can create quests for the activity board as well.

Nitrowolf21668d ago

Yeah that's what kind of got me. Normally when I get messages from PSN from Sony they are actual names. IDK maybe Locust is his last name, but seems odd. It's definitely real though as the HUB in home been change for me (it didn't show the huge menu) and from what I understand no more loadings now when going to other areas.

Infernostew1668d ago

I was a bit iffy on the message too. It said I visited PS Home recently... maybe if recent was 2 and a half years ago.

rebirthofcaos1668d ago

well, I got it, was worried was some scam, that why I wait for more confirmation.

well time to download.

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