Marketing Let Down Enslaved

Speaking to Gamasutra, Chief Creative Officer Tameem Antoniades says that a large factor for Enslaved's poor performance was because the game didn't get a big enough marketing push.

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TheTwelve2545d ago

Dude how many times is this same report going to make the news....

I think I've seen 7 or 8 "Enslaved flopped because of..." articles on N4G.

Are the publishers/developers trying some kind of Valkyrie Chronicles tactic, where if enough poor-selling articles pop up, people will buy the game?


sickbird2545d ago

i know right, god damn enough is enough. Some games dont sell well.

Yi-Long2545d ago

... because the boring unchallenging gameplay wasn't worth paying 60 bucks for it!

xer02545d ago

Any excuse... they jumped ship and went multi-platform to maximise profits... yet, they didn't sell well on PS3 or X360.

Why can't they take responsibility, and just say that the game wasn't good enough?

I'd be interested to know what you guys thought of the game...

gillri2545d ago (Edited 2545d ago )

but thats why there are all these articles on it, because IT WAS good enough, thats the point!

the 82/100 avwerage score backs this up, hence all the hullabuloo over its sales...although it has sold a million copies now

I just brought the game a couple of weeks ago and I loved it, great story, character and a superb setting

I wish more worlds were as lush and beautiful as enslaved's and had characters as human also

Amd it sold ok in the UK, but it did have alot of advertising here

Ultr2545d ago

no it wasnt simple fact, this game sucked and it deserved to flop!

It was not polished(grahpics really werent good, it was boring, story ending sucked big time, some "hush hush" oh we dont have enough time lets just record real human rather than end this game with sense.
Gameplay was a BIG letdown, what is that combat?? come on, two different attacks in the whole game! you cant be serious

There ARE BETTER GAMES out there that deserve the sales. He cant even name Heavy Rain and its sucess, he should open his eyes

HobbsCanuck2545d ago

@Ultr Wtf are you saying?! I'm sorry your shitty JRPG series you like didn't sell

DigitalRaptor2545d ago

No the game didn't suck! It deserved more sales, and the problem was marketing for sure! Not the best thing they've produced, but far from a bad game.

ShaunCameron2545d ago

Huh? Enslaved to date has sold around 650 000 total (350 000 for the XB360 and 300 000 for the PS3).

Enslaved good enough? To critics, maybe. But not quite to potential buyers, the ones with the ultimate word on whether or not it's gonna be a hit.

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HobbsCanuck2545d ago

I bought it for 20 bucks 'cause I heard it was really good and sold poorly. Never looked back. I let my friend borrow it recently because he never heard of it, and he loved it.

gillri2545d ago (Edited 2545d ago )


each to their own, graphics were excellent, brilliant animation/lip-synching, character models were insanely good imbued with alot of character with an enticing storyline and a thougful ending,

yes combat and gameplay was average but thats isnt why it scored high

Heavy rain was fecking brilliant though!! but again that game had big flaws also, but it was so immersive and made you feel the impact of your decisions so much I didnt care about the dodgy voice acting or plotholes you could drive truck though

just like enslaved had such a great, setting, story and characters i didnt care the combat and gameplay was average

Jappy-k72545d ago

i was one of the poor souls who bought this game...
the gameplay was mediocre at best, simplistic clunky combat mixed with automatic platforming

the game/story was simply about: a world controlled by robots + big boring escort mission + one of the shittiest endings in gaming history, it was Short, linear game with little to no replayability...monkey and the vibrant colorful world are the only things i liked.

to anyone who didn't buy this trash, if you want a great underappreciated game buy Nier or Resonance of Fate, Muramasa: TDB, Yakuza 4, Shadows of the Damned or even Deadly Premonition hell i enjoyed this game much more than enslaved!

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