Dark Souls Thumbs Its Shadowy Nose At Casual Gaming

The casual gaming and mainstream masses seem to have taken over this generation. But the hardcore still have products designed just for them, products like Dark Souls.

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Godmars2902546d ago (Edited 2546d ago )

Actually, that's why I'm not getting it. Just don't feel like putting in the time for a dedicated dungeon crawler.

Or a the very least I want something with an involving story that's worth the investment of time.

fluffydelusions2546d ago

More than just dungeons and no one says you need to beat it in one sitting...won't happen. Game is pretty brutal.

zerocrossing2546d ago

Unless you seriously know what your getting yourself into stay away frok Dark Souls, I myself can't wait till Friday =)

ignorantsonsof_2546d ago

This game makes demons souls look like a casual game.

BlackTar1872546d ago

yea thats true the first parts were a huge welcome back learning curve and i agree i think the game is harder this time around although on that note i was a strong or loud voice for demon souls being that hard past the first 2 hrs.

ignorantsonsof_2546d ago (Edited 2546d ago )

I know me too, I just can't believe how many enemies they throw at you at once, and that's just in the beginning! You never faced so many enemies at once in demons souls, and then the enemy AI is just RUTHLESS.
Edit: I hit reply to BlackTar, no idea why it didn't do that.

BlackTar1872545d ago

Yea its crazy just going up the castle on the right for the first time and the different speeds they attack at and the firebombs from god knows where sometimes lol. Great game harder then i expected it to be lost alot of good souls yesterday.

Thanks for the reply

ignorantsonsof_2545d ago

I swear I got hit with a fire bomb through a window in that area, when I was in that room with the bunch of enemies right after the first bonfire in Undead Burg.