Ghost Recon Online: Ubisoft Reveals A Causally Competitive Multiplayer

Until now Ubisofts Free-To-Play attempt with Ghost Recon, which is launching across multiple platforms - including the Wii U, gave both the gaming community and the gaming media, only a general view of what Ghost Recon Online would really offer.The online-only shooter today revealed how it plans to win over gamers in the casual market.

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zeal0us2543d ago

It better have some good security.

EcoSos32542d ago

One map, one game mode I hope this is only them testing it if not this game is not worth my time and money.

Diver2542d ago

Pass. Ubi hasnt made a good GR game since it was totally in the hands of RSE.

StarWolf2541d ago

so basically a casual game with no learning curve. repetitive game since everyone plays the same