GamePro Reviews Rock Band

GamePro's final verdict:

"Now's the time we tackle the question that's on everyone's mind: Is Rock Band better than Guitar Hero III? The answer will vary and really, it's all about personal taste. Rock Band is probably not the right choice for someone who just wants to shred by themselves in the spotlight. While personal glory is great, we like Rock Band's emphasis on collaboration, having a great time with friends and feeling like an actual musician.

That's what's at the heart of the Rock Band experience. Plus, it provides more game modes, off and online, than you could shake a stick at. There are so many ways to play and/or compete online, an ample character creator, cool venues and ready-to-release downloadable content that makes the whole package worthwhile even if you shell out for the all-in-one bundle. But regardless, you will have fun with Rock Band. We guarantee it."

Score: 5/5

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sleepbox4040d ago

Got mine paid off...picking up @ 10am tomorrow...won't be able to play until 8pm tomorrow after work :(