NBA 2K12 Online Issues Persist

Since release on Tuesday NBA 2K12's online play has not been working with no connections being made or disconnects happening soon after. It also affects new modes like Online Association.

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Yi-Long2474d ago

... EA knows how to sell games, yet they've been screwing up the online experience for years now.

Same crap is going on with FIFA12.

PR_FROM_OHIO2473d ago

You do realise EA doesn't make NBA 2K12 right??

d0r1en02473d ago

If the online worked, this game would be ace. Takes a lil while to get used to, but I'm 2-6, but I'm still having fun.

drdre742473d ago

I'm so sick of the online 2k11 is trash online with all the game drops. Now this year to. You realize every year they show off everything nut online and never answer a question about online before launch

2473d ago