Puzzler: Identify the ninjas

Ninjas are inhumanly stealthy, but we’ve encountered plenty of these mysterious assassins in video games. How many of the following shinobis and kunoichis can you name before your throat gets sliced?

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crazytown992359d ago

Two. I'm pretty bad at ninjas.

NagaSotuva2359d ago

Number 11 has more than one name...

THR1LLHOUSE2359d ago

Apparently "Girl Shinobi" wasn't correct...I'm a Ninja failure.

choadley2359d ago

Why do I immediately remember the iNinja ninja when the only thing I've ever seen of it was the box art?

Sadie21002359d ago

Haha, that last one threw me off for a split-second. Wasn't expecting that! Miss that guy...