Gametrailers - Top 100 Trailers of All Times: #1

What trailer took the top spot? It took a fathomless journey to the extremes of the human condition to beat out every other game video we’ve ever seen. Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, the #1 trailer of all time.

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jesuisankit2388d ago

This is one of the best ones alright!!!

LoLZoRz2387d ago

GT doesn't work for me anymore.

does anyone know what's the problem?

every time I go on it it says "access denied, please contact your network administrator."


macezhno2387d ago

so glad they had the recap at the beginning really didn't want to watch all those videos.

Quagmire2387d ago

Awesome pick, but my personal favorites are ANY of the Assassin's Creed trailers, imo Brotherhood E3, then Revelations E3, then 2 E3, then Assassin's Creed E3.