How to enjoy the inconsistent Rage

If you can get over how flip-floppy Rage can be, you can find an intriguing shooter underneath.

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crazytown992389d ago

I was really interested in this game when it was first announced, but now not so much.

NagaSotuva2389d ago

I'd still like to give it a try. Doom wasn't perfect and I had crazy fun with it.

THR1LLHOUSE2389d ago

Rage does seem kinda interesting...but with so many other things coming out soon, I don't really have the time/money for something that requires me to *try* and enjoy it.

f7897902389d ago

Exactly. I have plenty of games to buy that will force fun on me.

Sadie21002389d ago

It's weird...I never really hear anyone talking about multiplayer with Rage. Just about the campaign like this article.

This "inconsistency" is very strange, though. It's like the developers weren't quite committed to going one way or the other with certain design decisions.

dredgewalker2389d ago

It's even stranger that there were so many problems with this game when it launched considering it took a long time to develop it. They're even blaming the drivers for the video cards when other developers aren't having too much problems with them. I'm getting turned off on buying the game with all the problems I've been hearing about.

Series_IIa2389d ago

But most developers use Direct X not OpenGL like Rage does.

sickbird2389d ago

Rage is really fun, if it didn't how so much damn texture issues it would be a great game.

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The story is too old to be commented.