The five stages of disagreeing with a game review

Bitmob Community Writer Andrew Hiscock uses the magic of Twitter to break down typical reactions to video-game reviews. The results are both entertaining and sadly familiar.

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NagaSotuva2258d ago

Many people don't go past the denial stage. :/

admanb2258d ago

I can't believe you would say that. Ugh. Whatever.

THR1LLHOUSE2258d ago

No, anger is pretty big as well.

hiredhelp2258d ago

Thats why im going to Rage annon Anonymous (group)

THR1LLHOUSE2258d ago

Those comments...It's like looking into the face of madness.

MidnytRain2258d ago

It's like looking into the face of N4G. Especially the anger and bargaining parts...

Sadie21002258d ago

I don't know why these still surprise me, but I can't believe people get so worked up over a review *BEFORE* they play the game!

Gungnir2258d ago

Agreed. It's amazing how you can come to the conclusion that the reviewer is a lazy, biased, stupid liar when you have no first-hand knowledge of the game they reviewed.

Ashriel2258d ago

OMG some people will disagree with your reviews, get over it!

vickers5002254d ago

Seriously. So your review sucks, Joystick, so what? That's no reason to be so damn insecure that you must write an immature article to justify your awful review.

TBM2258d ago

reviews are that persons opinion and it has no bearing on what games i like/dont like. i purchase my games based off of my level of interest in said game.

if i gave reviewers/other peoples opinions more weight than my own the only games i'd only be playing or should be playing are GTA, halo, CoD, gears, forza, fallout, fable, mass effect, battlefield, and i would have missed out on games like mirrors edge, WKC, alan wake, heavy rain, folkore, VC to name a few.

in short i dont care about opinions from others on what games i should like and buy.