PSN 'twice as popular as XBLA' for UK devs

Britain’s game development workforce is investing twice as much work in PSN than Microsoft’s XBLA platform, new data suggests.

A survey of about 100 studios across the UK shows that approximately 30 are developing for PlayStation’s digital platform, while 16 are creating content for Xbox Live Arcade.

The new data, collected by trade group Tiga, adds further pressure on Microsoft to make its digital games service more appealing for the new wave of independent studios.

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iamnsuperman2297d ago (Edited 2297d ago )

Just a shame the government is helping new studios that much. Not surprised with the mobile numbers. Seems to be the big thing at the moment

sack_boi2296d ago

XBLA doesn't accept shit anymore, the studios have to go somewhere somehow.

cliffbo2296d ago Show
Blogz4Fanboyz2296d ago

easy to see why you have one bubble cliffbo

Number_132296d ago

Quality vs Quantity. XBLA exclusives are usually great quality games, just look at the majority of the Summer of Arcade games.
Just look at Forza 4 and Gears 3. Quality

Iroquois_Pliskin2296d ago


lol your comment was pretty pathetic lmfao

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Y are people making a big deal out of this. Uk/Europe has the most PS3 so this should b expected.

Anyway since this is N4G I can expect ignorant comments/fanboys going crazy.

Number_132296d ago

Actually UK has more x360's. By the way, the DS has the most games. . .most shovelware too. Coincidence?

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fluffydelusions2296d ago

I thought Xbox was the most popular console in UK like here in the US? Though I do remember hearing PS3 was becoming more and more popular there.

MakiManPR2296d ago

Last I saw the XBOX 360 was #1 only in US but BY FAR. Everywhere else its not.

MaximusPrime2296d ago

@MakiManPR: correction, Xbox360 is popular in North America and UK only. Rest of world that's 95% of the world, PS3 is popular.

Christopher2296d ago

@MaximusPrime: Who taught you math and geography? I want to make sure they are required to go through re-certification in order to continue teaching their respective courses.

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The story is too old to be commented.