Max Payne 3 is Everything I Hoped For and More (Destructoid)

Hamza CTZ Aziz writes: This year is just ridiculous. There have been so many huge titles released in 2011 already and there are still many more on the way. I have a hard time trying to keep track of all them so you'll forgive me if I haven't really given much thought to the games of 2012.

That was until last week, when I got to see Max Payne 3 in action. As a fan of the series, I can easily say that fans have nothing to worry about when it comes to the next chapter in Max's troubled life.

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Venjense2477d ago

I've been exited about this game for a bit now, I embrace change.


Im a huge maxpayne fan but something tells me they are gonna take the shoot em up root this gen is known for. I know maxpayne is mostly a shooter but i also remember it having very dark moments and being very dark and grimey . I just hope they dont make it ur typical shoot em up where u have about 20 guys to kill every time u finsih a stage. Maxpayne 1&2 was known for being very dark and grity and not just a straight up shoot em up.

I wish i could work for one of this game websites so i can try this games out b4 it comes out. Sadly im from Nigeria so none of this websites companys r over here. If only they know how many people in Africa game, they is a huge gaming community in africa but game devs just dont know. :(

TheOtherTheoG2477d ago

Max Payne games have always been 'shoot 'em ups' (by the way, that means something else entirely, think Gamma Bro's or DeathSpank), the main mechanics of the game were shooting people, shooting people in interesting ways and shooting people in interesting ways in slow motion. There's very few people in any Max Payne game that Max comes across and then doesn't proceed to murder brutally, that's just how it is. Max Payne 3 is sticking to this, and that's good.

Acquiescence2477d ago

As long as it's change for the better...sure.

Fishy Fingers2477d ago (Edited 2477d ago )

Huh, so you cant judge a game from just the leads new hair style in a few screens. Weird...

OllieBoy2477d ago

Yeah, it's really annoying when people overreact like that.

soundslike2477d ago (Edited 2477d ago )

Well who can blame them

as much as the shooter market gets saturated, very few companies actually set the bar for gameplay for years to come

in other words: shooters can get generic so people think they will always be generic without more elements tacked on...
but if one of the big boys actually innovated on the mechanics, just plain action could be fun again and just as immersive as any RPG hybrid attempts to be. could be....

TL;DR: rehashed franchises and copycats lower our expectations


@ soundslike

yes, but this is R* we are talking about.

some may not agree with all their gameplay choices etc but they have delivered good quality games with great stories all gen.

whatever was lacking in gta in general they still made good with the dlc. They don't milk games the way Activision or EA are known to.

And if anyone knows how to tell a good story with great characters it's R*

BushLitter2477d ago

Please let this be great. I must have beat the first Max Payne 7 or 8 times. One of my all time favourites.

I have faith in Rockstar. I'm very excited to see what they will do in a non-open world game. Imagine the detail...

Ares902477d ago

A good Max Payne game must have a good story
that's why I'm worried and ask myself "why is he in Brazil??"

DigitalRaptor2477d ago

I'm sure that will be explained in future trailer and press releases! Rockstar told us that everything that could be said about Max Payne in New York has already been done. I'm one who embraces change, and I trust R* not to mess with the formula. Sao Paulo sounds odd, but it's also a grimy underworld of crime and punishment, especially at night - I hope they nail the noire vibe in this alternate location!