AMAZON: Wii: $79, 360: $99, or PS3 $139 this week began offering customers a chance to score a hot holiday deal for Nintendo Co.'s Wii, Sony Corp.'s Playstation 3, or Microsoft Corp.'s Xbox 360.
Though the Amazon Customer Vote promotion, customers can vote to purchase a $79 Wii, $139 40GB PS3, or a $99 Xbox 360 Arcade SKU.

In the program, the product that receives the most votes will be offered at the heavily discounted price. Second and third place products will be offered at a less discounted price.

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straightpiff4204042d ago

Wow thats a huge sale- Hopefully I'm one of those lucky customers that gets the deal. I would definitely take the PS3 for $140; thats a STEAL!

crck4042d ago

Amazon did the same thing last year with a 360 core for $100. It literally shutdown the site. It only started working again after the systems were gone.

darthv724042d ago

a 360 core for $100 and I was one of the MANY waiting for the time to jump in and score one until their system would not let anyone sign on about 3 minutes before the opening of the deal.

Maybe they will do better this time around. I have a wii and 360 so my vote is for the ps3.

rbanke4042d ago

this has been brought up a ton latley, What people seem to be missing is that you vote on a product (product of interest here is wii, ps3, 360) and if that product wins, they randomly pick 1000 of the people who voted and give them an offer to buy it. Its not as if you are likly to be able to buy one at this price so I dont know why its getting so much attention.

aiphanes4042d ago

Vote for the PS3! Remember it has a bluray player and you need a PS3 to play MGS4 next year...

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The story is too old to be commented.